The lair

Nark’Ash - Rogue prince

Painting and character design practice ~


DA User: Veramundis

So smooth, one of my favourite artists :)





That is the coolest take on PvP I’ve seen in a really long time.

Isnt it?

I really like the fact you can build a base and defend/assault other bases .

The end game version of pvp for wildstar - arenas - then bgs then warplots - with arenas and bgs having unrated versions.

Wildstar is one game I may end up going the pvp route endgame instead of pve raid endgame aka raids ( in addition to crafting housing and pve dungeons )

This is genius …


Praise the Sun!

\ o / !


Praise the Sun!

\ o / !

Fun fact

Scorpions can hold their breath for 6 days  
I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to say it to someone …


This is why I don’t have friends

Yeah … this is how I died the first time and find out that I was cursed by this game too. Thanks ‘Sed (?) ._. …


Those are awesome ! :D

U mad Ciaran ?

Practicing Eye painting …
Pretty usefull tutorials :- Qinni tutorial (Tumblr)- Bluefley tutorial (Youtube)

Practicing Eye painting …

Pretty usefull tutorials :
- Qinni tutorial (Tumblr)
- Bluefley tutorial (Youtube)

Painting practice

Painting practice